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Words Words Words

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Hey hey hey! How's everyone been?

My apologies for not being on here posting like I'd planned, but I've been super busy the past few months with writing, clients and creating. By the end of the day I'm so exhausted I can't put together any more words. But alas, here I am ready to discuss...WORDS.

How many of you love to write? I'm not just talking about books, but all writing. Content, ads, poems, posts, cartoons, etc.

Creating is what I love best. I seem to thrive when I'm writing and it doesn't matter if it's creating content, ads, graphics, or even writing my next novel. Putting fingers to keyboard is where I love to be. It offers a sense of calm -- of assurance. I love to do it.

People don't often think about words...I mean we use them every single day -- a thousand times a day, so why would we? But for me words are the best when woven into a story! When you can grab a hold of your reader, client, consumer and keep them captive with a few sentences.


You all know what I'm talking about. We have these moments at least once a day. Where words entertain you. You may not even realize it, but if I were to ask you to recall a commercial that moved you to tears you'd remember one immediately! How about a song that made you laugh, an ad that made you angry or a book that stayed with you long after you read it?

Images would surface in your mind and you'd remember. Why? Because they evoked an emotion---touching you in some way.

WORDS do that! Good words, bad words --- ALL words if written the right way.

When I'm writing books, my job as an author is to bring my readers into the story through emotion. I can't just write down a few simple words and expect my readers to be emotionally attached to my characters or their plight. No, I need to create a life, one wrought with anxieties, fears, laughter and anger --- all of the things we as people feel. Why? SO my readers can relate to them. Even if they haven't gone through what my character is experiencing, they will feel all of it because I've made him relatable.

The same goes for when I'm doing content creation. When creating for clients I look at who their audience is. What their needs and wants are. I build a story around them.

What questions do they have? When writing content my job is to answer all of these questions and in doing so evoke emotion by being relatable.

And guess what? Everyone wants to get to know you not just as a business but as the person behind the business. Writing with emotion allows us to show our readers who we are, what we are feeling at that moment.

The only way to do this is by being YOU!

Your customers need to like, know and trust you before they will commit to buying anything from your business and one of the best ways to do this is to convey emotion in the text you write.

When considering what type of content to write you need to put yourself in the consumers shoes. Be the consumer, the reader, the client. If I didn't start writing books for my audience I'd never sell them. The same goes for any business...listen to your audience. Ask the questions and give honest answers. Once you're able to do this you will see a huge difference in how they respond to you.

At the end of the day with whatever you're writing, it's about forming relationships, good solid, honest relationships. Be yourself. This is something a lot of business lack and want to keep hidden.

People want to see who they're dealing with and why wouldn't they? I've met many people over the years while in the business of content/freelance writing and being an author. A lot of them weren't who they portrayed themselves to be on social media and I was disappointed. Some of them I'd never do business with or read their books again. AND I am all about promoting others.

I remember thinking if I'm feeling this way, how many others are too? Since then this has been the mantra I speak over and over again to clients, aspiring authors and to myself.

Be YOURSELF and the rest will fall into place.

If you need any help with your business, please reach out to me!



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