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the memory bell

Over 500 Reviews!

"Kat Flannery writes a heartwarming and captivating mystery encompassing an old murder case and a symbolic memory bell in a small town where everyone has something to hide." 

~ sublime book review

"Wonderful, engaging, and fast-paced! Flannery knows what she's doing! 

I couldn’t put it down.” 

~ jonas saul, author of the sarah roberts series

"A naïve small-town girl and a disillusioned big-city cop, drawn together by an unsolved crime that is itself only the tip of the iceberg, The Memory Bell serves up the perfect steamy summer read." 

~ Jenny Jaeckel, author of House of Rougeaux

"Well I absolutely ADORED this book. I've always loved a good crime drama and throw in some romance and family dysfunction.... Just.... *Chef's kiss* I couldn't put the book down, going as far as to be sneaky and read it on my phone during slow periods at work. I would recommend this book to anyone and I'll probably start recommending it to literally everyone."

~ amazon review

memory bell jacket o.png

"The story moves beyond a small town whodunit to probe the underlying bonds of history that connect a family." 

~ midwest book review

Book 3: Sacred Legacy

 Branded Trilogy

“A Cherokee man, a Gypsy woman, a magic ruby, a wonderful, captive love story. One of the few stories that captured me from beginning to end. A compelling love story you can't put down.”

~ USA Today bestselling author, Rosanne Bittner

“If you loved the first two books in this series, you will absolutely love this one. I couldn’t put it down.” 

~ Paranormal Romance Guild

“A deeply heartrending tale that reaffirms the power of love and forgiveness. SACRED LEGACY will immerse you in a harrowing journey of anger and bitterness that only love and forgiveness can heal. You won’t soon forget Tsura and Red Wolf’s journey.”

~ Kristy McCaffrey, award-winning author of the WINGS OF THE WEST series

“A talented author at her best. Two wounded souls, two hardened hearts, and a tradition of magick that must be protected at all costs. With a deft touch and an elegant understanding of the fine line between good and evil, happiness and despair, Kat Flannery gives her best to SACRED LEGACY. Red Wolf and Tsura prove it is possible to find what has been lost—not only within the real and magical worlds, but also within the human heart. Flannery has created characters worth rooting for, a legacy worth dying for, and a love worth living.” 

~ Kathleen Rice Adams, award-winning author of PRODIGAL GUN.

Blood Curse 2_edited.jpg


 Branded Trilogy

“BLOOD CURSE by Kat Flannery sucks you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last. I fell in love with Pril, Kade and the relationship that blooms between them. While there are sparks between them, Ms. Flannery weaves her tale without having a sex scene. In a market where sex scenes are a dime a dozen it is refreshing to read a perfect blend of romance and intrigue without having sex forced on you. Without giving any spoilers you will see the lengths Pril will go through to keep her daughter safe from the men of the Monroe family. They believe the way to break the curse sworn on them by Pril’s sister, Vadoma, is to kill her child, Tsura. The very thought of this would turn anyone’s heart ice cold, unless of course you were the head of the Monroe family yourself. If you are a lover of Gypsies and all things magical this book will engage you heart and soul. I highly recommend reading BLOOD CURSE. For if you do, you will be enthralled, entertained but never disappointed.”

~ Sandra Bischoff, author of BEYOND TIME

“Engrossing, enchanting, and suspenseful. BLOOD CURSE (Book 2 in the Branded Trilogy) is the perfect blend of paranormal, history and romance. The prequel is as impossible to put down as its predecessor, LAKOTA HONOR. Flannery deftly weaves a tight plot filled with mystery, emotional detail and heart-thumping action.” 

~ Kim Cresswell, award-winning author of REFLECTION

“Ms. Flannery has crafted a taut story deeply embedded with gypsy lore, along with the fanatical fear of witches that permeated the time period. Pril and Kade's love grows slowly, and surprising betrayals and revelations will keep the pages turning. Tragedy and unwavering perseverance fill this wonderful tale to a surprise ending. A richly-woven tale of early America and gypsy lore.” 

~ Kristy McCaffrey, author of INTO THE LAND OF SHADOWS

Book 1: Lakota Honor

 Branded Trilogy

"For something different, transport back to the old west with this paranormal historical, and its alpha hero, and a heroine hiding her secret talents."

~ Shannon Donnelly, author of the Mackenzie Solomon Urban Fantasy series

"Ms. Flannery doesn’t shy away from writing gritty scenes or about unpleasant topics. In this book, she deals with child labor and abuse, as well as animal abuse, and I simply wanted to reach through the computer screen and kill the awful villain myself, I got so angry.  That’s what good writing is all about—bringing out strong emotions in a reader. Congratulations on a job well done!" 

~ Peggy L. Henderson, bestselling author of the Yellowstone Romance Series

"Talented, Kat Flannery knows her Native American history and those who relish the conflict of a heroic half-breed trapped between the white man's world and the Indian will fall in love with LAKOTA HONOR." 

~ Cindy Nord, award-winning author of No Greater Glory

"Kat Flannery’s, LAKOTA HONOR, weaves a fast paced and beautiful prose that lures you through every chapter and leaves you wanting more. The struggles of the main characters break your heart and leave you rooting for them, for their struggles—although different—are similar at the core." 

~ Erika Knudsen, paranormal author of Monarchy of Blood

"Kat Flannery’s, LAKOTA HONOR, weaves a fast paced and beautiful prose that lures you through every chapter and leaves you wanting more. The struggles of the main characters break your heart and leave you rooting for them, for their struggles—although different—are similar at the core." 

~ Erika Knudsen, paranormal author of Monarchy of Blood

"LAKOTA HONOR by Kat Flannery will hold your attention from beginning to end.  Her ability to intertwine good and evil within the confines of the Indian and white worlds is nothing less than inspired. Nora and Hawk come together in a very different, magical way; she as a healer and he as a killer. The ancillary characters are well drawn. You either like them or hate them. You might also wonder about some of them as the story progresses." 

~ Leanne Myggland-Carter, operations manager at Canadian Authors Association-Alberta

Lakota Honor.jpeg


Over 100 Reviews on Amazon!

"This book takes your breath away in its depth of raw emotion and binding love. Chasing Clover is a page turner from the first page to its last page...I couldn't stop reading it. High fives all around!" 

~ Lillian Cauldwell, Passionate World Radio, Inc.

"A compelling story line. A combination of suspense, tension and romance will keep you turning the page until the end."

~ Michelle Ferguson, author of From Away

"Everything I wanted in a Historical Romance was in this story…Any romance aficionado will love this book and this author." 

~ Tammy Gaines, NovelOpinion

Chasing Clovers2.jpeg

Book 1: Fern 

The Montgomery Sisters

"You will love some of the characters but not all...There are some evil people living in this western town. The story starts with a dramatic ride on a horse called Nelly. Fern, the protagonist, is on a life saving mission. You just have to ask yourself will she make it in time. Then enter the hot new sheriff in town. But is he all he seems? And what are his motives? This is another suspenseful, dramatic story by Flannery whose gift with words draws a vivid picture of what it's like for an independent woman who lives in a time when independence is not an admired trait." 

~  Kristina Stanley, author of THE STONE MOUNTAIN SERIES.

"I loved the vivid descriptions of the surroundings. The mystery could have been a little less obvious. It was good easy to follow and interesting. Just felt like it needed more suspense. Hated for it to end. Will be looking forward to the series to see what lies ahead."

~ Amazon Reviewer

"It was worth every minute it took for me to read (and get to read) this novella. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I bought this book on when my device is registered to so ended up having to read it on my computer. Even that didn't put me off. Fern and her sisters are a delight. I look forward to reading Poppy and Ivy's books." 

~ Alison Bruce, author of UNDER A TEXAS STAR.


Book 2: Poppy

The Montgomery Sisters 

"I loved both the books in this series and can't wait for the younger daughter's story to be told. I loved Poppy and Fern both were enjoyable characters. I especially loved Poppy's bad ass attitude...I am a woman and if I put my mind to it I can do ANYTHING! Great read and will recommend to friends and family."

~  Amazon Reviewer

"Poppy is another fun, fast-paced historical romance with a fast-paced romance and storyline. Great for fans of historical romance novels with memorable characters."

~ Angela, Book Bloggger

"I highly recommend this book for readers who enjoy historical romance. I can not wait to read the third installment from The Montgomery Sisters series. I am looking forward to see what Kat Flannery has in store with the third sister, Ivy Montgomery."

~ Amy, Book Blogger

"Nothing cramps Poppy's style! The story is a fun adventure which tries to put a modern twist onto the traditional Western gender roles."

~ Stephanie Jane, Literary Flits

Whiskey and Joy.jpeg

Book 3: Ivy

The Montgomery Sisters

"I would love to give Ivy one hundred stars if I could. It is that good. I highly highly recommend this book for readers who love a good, well written and romantic historical fiction. It is so very good and should not be missed. It is really short and it took me no time reading it in just a couple of hours. Miss Flannery has herself a new fan.
I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion."

~  Amy, Book Blogger


Two Tales of a Civil War Christmas

"Maggie and Matty Becker will enchant you as they struggle for respect, survival, and love in the Civil War’s troubled time. You’ll sigh with pleasure as you finish each story." 

~  Caroline Clemmons, author of Bluebonnet Bride

"Two very talented authors, Alison Bruce and Kat Flannery, teamed up to write Hazardous Union; Two Tales of a Civil War Christmas. It is the story of twin sisters, Matty and Maggie Becker who are separated at the beginning of the Civil War….One major thing ties them to each other—their upbringing by loving and wise parents. As their stories unfold, they are both able to make a difference in the lives of the people they hold dear. They each solve a different mystery and, at the same time, fall in love. They also witness a form of racism within each of the families, reflecting the mores of the north and the south. The characters and the times are well depicted in this short novel. I highly recommend this novel to Civil War enthusiasts and readers who enjoy a well-written historical romance. 

If you like intrigue, mystery and romance, this book is for you. It will hold your attention 

and is a quick read that you won’t be able to put down." 

~ Katherine Boyer, Tear a Page Blog

"Double your reading pleasure with twin passions—two novellas featuring twins Maggie and Matty, and heroes who’ll steal your heart. Alison Bruce and Kat Flannery penned stories that play on your senses like a sonata. A must read!" 

~ Jacquie Rogers, award-winning author of Much Ado About Madams

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