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Classes & Courses

Dates of upcoming courses and classes will be posted here for booking or organizations can also hire Kat to teach a private class. 

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to market yourself or your business with this one-on-one class or group session. Kat will teach you how to engage with your audience, picking the right content and strategizing so you're ahead of the game! 


How to Write a Novel!

In this 5-week class you will learn how to write an engaging novel that will keep readers turning the pages. Learn about three-dimensional characters, plot and subplot, narrative, foreshadowing, and pacing. Included in this course is a critique of the first two chapters of your book by International bestselling author Kat Flannery.


Get Publishing!

An in-depth course on what publishers look for in an author and book.

Learn how to write a query letter; how to stay out of the slush pile; learn how to read publishers' guidelines and what they mean.


Social Media Marketing

Your Book!

Do you have a book coming out, or want to increase your author status on social media? Kat will teach you the ins and outs of marketing yourself and your book on social media. Where to go, who to follow and what platforms are best for getting the word out! What are you waiting for?

Learn how to market your book online in this two-hour work shop!

Get in Touch

Interested in a specialized course for your business or organization... get in touch with Kat now!

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