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Have you written a book?

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Whether you're half way through a manuscript, but don't know where to go with it, have a completed manuscript and need a read through or have a new book coming out and are unsure how to market it, Kat can help you! 

Kat believes in giving back and mentoring aspiring authors in an industry that is very difficult to become successful in. She's sold thousands of books leading to her own success as a bestselling author and having her website shared by Anne Rice! With Kat's hard work and dedication she's made a career in writing and marketing. 

Through her workshops and classes Kat's helped aspiring authors learn the fundamentals of writing and marketing a new novel. If you're looking for advice, or mentorship on your manuscript contact Kat!

Kat offers an honest and positive manuscript evaluation to authors looking to take their writing to the next level. 

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Polish & Shine

Plot, characterization, dialogue, setting, believability, research,

pacing and POV. 

manuscript cri.png

Story Time

Writing style, overall feel 

of the story, plot, and any weaknesses in the story. 


Sell the Book

Steps to take to market

your new release, setting up your website and social channels.

Read what people are saying about Kat!

"I had the pleasure of attending best-selling author Kat Flannery's Multi-Media workshop last fall. As a successful author and novelist, Kat has a wealth of insight and experience to draw from. Her presentation covered multimedia, blogging, helpful websites, marketing, VBT, target audience and so much more! Kat is a great presenter, a clear communicator and involves students in her presentation through fun discussion. Kat has helped me develop as an author, by refining my creative skills."

Greg Turlock, Author, Poet & Photographer

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