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Welcome to my NEW blog!

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Hello one and all! Welcome to my newest blog! For those of you wondering I will be keeping my author blog, still posting and having guest authors on as well. Here I'll blog about all things like what I'm doing now with digital marketing, blogging, helping authors, freelance writing etc, tips and general day to day things. Oh, and there will be feature guests from time to time also.

Ahhh it's a warm Wednesday afternoon here in my part of Canada and I have to confess I'm getting a bit restless. I always do this time of year. It's like my body is telling me enough of the sitting around, get up and get moving.

I'm planting some flowers by seed today. If you don't know anything about me, I love to garden. My house is filled with plants, and yes I talk to them. Gardening is my time to relax. To shut off my brain and dig my fingers into the dirt, pull weeds and pluck dead leafs. I don't have to think about anything else. I love it!

My job entails a lot of thinking and creating, and so I'm always eager for the chance to set it all aside and prune my plants while listening to some Dean Martin in the background. Oh, did I mention I'm Italian? Even if I wasn't who can resist the sensual crooning of Dino? Honestly... That's Amore, Fly Me To The Moon, Mambo Italiano! I LOVE them all! I'm a lover of all music; rock, rap, country. None of it is bad. The creative souls need music to inspire. Depending on what I'm writing; content for a clients website, blogs, articles or my new book I always need music, a candle burning, and on occasion a glass of whiskey.

If you'd like to know more about what I'm doing feel free to message me on my website, or reach out via my social channels!



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