Kat Flannery

Digital Marketing | Freelance Writer | Best-Selling Author


Hey there, I'm Kat your creative guru! 

I love everything about what I do! Helping people create engaging websites, ads, social content and more! Whether you're a business owner, author, or wanting to learn about how to increase your brand awareness, I can help! 

What Can I Do For You?

Develop, Implement, and Manage Marketing Campaigns. 

Business Blogger

I have written for and been featured on over 100 blogs.

I can write your monthly or weekly blog in the tone of your business while adding keywords and backlinks.


Email marketing is still one of the fastest ways to reach your audience. I can design, write and schedule your weekly or monthly newsletters. 

Content Writer

With my creative and business writing abilities I can polish your website to make it shine, placing keywords within the text for more visibility along with jazzing up your business brochures, postcards and flyers. 


Fresh innovative writing to bring brand awareness and sell your products through informative ad copy and call to action text. 

Social Media Management

With over eight years experience in social media marketing I can help manage your business page increasing your brand awareness. 

Graphic Design

Creativity is key when designing new innovative graphics for my clients. Branding material, logos, ads and more! 

Ad Campaigns

With my expertise in Google Ads, Facebook, 

Instagram, Twitter and Linkden I can create engaging ad campaigns targeted to your specific audience. 

Digital Marketing

I can help your business with SEO, CPM and ROI by measuring the traffic to your website with Google Analytics. Monthly records, and implement the correct marketing changes your business needs to see success! 



"Kat is your GIRL! Whether it be social media marketing, website design, inspiration or ad campaign ideas, Kat has been a huge help in all of the above for my business . She is great at listening to what you need and quick to jump in and be part of the team. She helped take one of my events from Zero leads to a successful event in a matter of hours . And is also now one of our valued customers:) Thanks Kat!"

— Deanna Berry, The Mattress Girl

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